PU — Polyester

The high quality foam blocks (Millennium or Arctic Foam) that we use are available with different colors of solid wood stringers .

Silmar resin allows us to have great resistance to yellowing on white boards.


All our boards have a reinforcement patch at the pad. These 4oz fiberglass patches come in different shapes depending on the model to ensure the highest level of performance.

Eps — Epoxy

This construction allows us to obtain surfboards or SUP (Stand Up Paddle) boards that are extremely light and very strong .

The Sicomin resin we use is 30% biosourced and contains a lot of brightener, which gives an incredibly white finish.

Carbon Spring Technology

We systematically add carbon reinforcement strips to our epoxy boards.

The particularity of our Light Spring technology is in the twisting of these carbon bands . Acting like a spring when the board twists, these carbon bands will allow you to have a lot of recovery , explosiveness and therefore a lot of speed .

Fiberglass (E-Glass)

Standard fiberglass in the surf industry.

6oz : Thicker fiber (stronger)

4oz : Finer fiber (lighter)


6oz+6oz on

6oz below


6oz+4oz on

6oz below


6oz+4oz on

4oz below


4oz+4oz on top

4oz below

Ultra Light

Patch 3/4 4oz+4oz on top

4oz below


Shortboard Perf only.

Stiffer fiber than standard E-Glass. Available in 4oz, this fiber provides better response on performance shortboards. S-glass is also stronger than 4oz E-Glass while remaining very light .


4oz+ 4S on it

4oz below

Ultra S-Light

Patch 3/4 4oz+ 4S on

4oz below

Pro S-Light

(extremely light but fragile)

Patch 3/4 2oz+ 4S on

4oz below