Custom Surfboards

Our custom boards are tailor-made for all types of boards. We can start with a simple idea or take one of our existing models as a basis.


We can innovate through all types of shapes for very specific requests.

Longboard, Noserider, Twin fins, Mid length for old school shapes.

We also work on performance thrusters for small, medium and large conditions.


We use different techniques to obtain varied results. Spray paints for a smoother result and tinted resins for a vintage look.


Swirls and resin jets are part of our specialties.

These techniques allow us to obtain more or less random mixtures of tinted resins. The level of precision of color placement will depend on customer request.


We spray paint the stringer directly.

Full color, on the rail, on the stringer, all assemblies are possible.


Custom surfboards

Classic PU

(Count +100€ for EPS/Epoxy)

Shortboard pref

4'10'' - 6'2''


Fish / Twin

4'10'' - 6'2''


Step-up / Mid-length / Twin

6'3'' - 6'11''



7' - 7'11''


Longboard performance

8' - 9'2''


Longboard Noserider

9' (and more)


(price varies depending on the blank, special stringers etc...)

SUP (Stand Up Paddle)

Epoxy Carbon Light Spring

Custom (Upcoming models)

6'6 - 9'



(No tinted Epoxy resin)

Painted Rails, Pin Line


Full Paint


Custom painting

Varies on demands

Custom logo


Glitter Resin


Tinted resin


Tinted Resin Swirls




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