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Specify type of plugs , logo color (white/black) or adjustment of dimensions in comments in the basket.

 Big wave SUP surf developed with Titouan Pajot .

Its sharp shape will give us a perfect balance between control over the wave and ease of paddling .

Its length will allow you to feel comfortable at the bar in slightly more powerful conditions for intermediate surfers (2m) or in heavy conditions for experienced/pro surfers (3/4m).

The rocker is 3 parts. This will keep a fairly flat surface in the center to make it easier to paddle and catch big waves. The kick at the nose and tail will allow you not to crash in the hollow waves, to maintain maneuverability on the back foot while maintaining control over the front foot.

Epoxy Carbon construction reinforced from nose to tail to prevent breakage in solid conditions .

Available up to 9'6 at this price , upon quote for this length. Custom dimensions only , enter the dimensions in comments in the basket or ask the shaper for advice .

Titouan Pajot 70kg odds: 8'0 24 1/4 4 1/8 84.8L

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