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Specify type of plugs , logo color (white/black) or adjustment of dimensions in comments in the basket.

 Small wave SUP surf developed with Titouan Pajot .

Its round and short shape will give you enough lift and a lot of maneuverability .

Despite its small size , this board retains a lot of volume at the front . Thanks to its width , it will allow you to be comfortable paddling even in soft conditions.

The wings and the double concave which ends in a very pronounced vee will provide a lot of maneuverability on the rear foot. This will make the board very playful even in small conditions .

Skaty with a thruster for small, soft waves (around 1.5m).

More control with a quad for medium or slightly more consistent waves (up to 2m).

Epoxy Carbon Light Spring construction to provide maximum boost and explosiveness.

Available up to 9'6 at this price , upon quote for this length. Custom dimensions only , enter the dimensions in comments in the basket or ask the shaper for advice .

Dimensions of Titouan Pajot 70kg: 6'8 24 1/2 4 1/4 74.2L

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