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El Mackerel

El Mackerel

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Specify type of plugs , logo color (white/black) or adjustment of dimensions in comments in the basket.

Strength : Hybrid shortboard, feeling close to a thruster , speed of twin+1


This model is our most efficient hybrid . Close to a performance shortboard due to its sharp outline and more pronounced rocker (shaped in a shortboard foam bar) this board is very responsive . 

Indeed, the double concave which ends in Vee associated with the twin+1 provides a lot of tail release . Initially shaped with wings, we wanted to keep this width at the tail . For shortboard regulars, this high-performance hybrid will be a real treat in small and medium waves . 

Despite the responsiveness and speed of this board, the very refined rails and the third small fin (trailer) will provide the grip and stability necessary to avoid losing control in turns. 

The twin+1 Fanning will give us speed, explosiveness and increased launch compared to other twin+1 fins. The twin+1 Marc Richard will provide more control in more consistent waves. 

The positioning of the plugs is calculated to be the most efficient with 3 fins ( twin+1 ), so it is not recommended to put this model only in twin. 


Recommended fins: FCS II Twin+1 Fanning

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