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Mini Simmons

Mini Simmons

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Specify type of plugs , logo color (white/black) or adjustment of dimensions in comments in the basket.

Strengths: Maneuverability , Speed , Great lift

The ideal board for the small, soft waves of Les Sables d'Olonne.

The shape of the mini Simmons will allow us to have a very short and very wide board in order to have maximum volume and good lift in tiny summer waves.

Unlike a mini Simmons classic, the tail is a little less square in order to provide maneuverability . The Vee bottom and Quattro Split Keel also provide this touch of performance ; they allow us to easily move from one rail to another while having enough grip and recovery to be explosive in very soft waves.

The large tail, the flat tail rocker and the specific positioning of the four fins give us considerable speed .

This groveler, excelling in very small waves , quickly becomes uncontrollable beyond 1.5m.

Recommended fins: FCS II Split Keel

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