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Twin Skater

Twin Skater

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Specify type of plugs , logo color (white/black) or adjustment of dimensions in comments in the basket.

Strength: Maneuverability of a Twin perf, speed of a Fish

This board is the perfect balance for daily surfing in our west coast waves in Les Sables d'Olonne . 

Its Fish outline keeps volume and makes paddling easier . The twin associated with this outline allows you to generate speed instantly from the take off. The wings allow you to maintain width and a straight, thin rail up to the rear foot, providing that feeling of speed of the Fish . 

The narrower tail after the wings will give us the responsiveness and performance that characterizes the Twin Skater. The double concave which comes in Vee after the fins will make the board very playful when surfing on the back foot. 

The BM twin fins (Al Merrick) having more rack than a classic twin and less volume than a keel are the happy medium for this responsive twin . They give us enough control to push through turns while maintaining maneuverability . 

In smooth, flat waves, you can push this Twin up to 2.5m.


Recommended fins: FCS II BM twin (Al Merrick)

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